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Cranium Divine TriSonic “Parlor" Guitar     


BODY; 14 1/2” lower bout, Bound, Highly Quilted Bigleaf Maple Body (Optional Woods avail.) Three Piece Multi Braced Back.(Two Piece Back avail.).Solid Ingelman Spuce “X”braced top (optional woods avail.) Radiused 28’ Domed Top with 16’ domed Back Plate. Honduras Mahogany Neck and Tail Blocks with “Spanish Ceder” kirflings. 4” diameter sound hole. Vintage “Era” rossette (optional custom avail.)


NECK; 24 3/4” scale, choice of Twelve or Fourteen Fret Models, “Dovetailed” One Piece with Bound BigLeaf Maple Veneered Headstock Overlea, Quartersawn Honduras Mahogany with Bound 12” Radius, Gaboon Ebony Fingerboard and matching Bridge (optional w    ood avail.) Vintage Single Action Truss Rod (optional Double Action avail.)


APPOINTMENTS; Chrome or Gold Open Geared Waverly (optional Machine Heads avail). “Bleached Bone” saddles, Summer - Winter Saddles and Polished Bone Nut (optional materials avail.) Optional Pickups avail.) Vintage Bursts or Stained Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finishes.


PERFORMANCE; “Built and Inspired” around a 1928 L-OO Restoration that had "Robert Johnson's Sweet Mojo!”. This slightly smaller Lower Bout, but Deeper 20's “Serenador” shaped Body “Barks”  with a Volume of Balanced Clairity! A Minimum overall weight (4.6 lbs.), Helps Create an Extremely Resonant Musical Vehicle!!


PRICE; Starting at $4000.00 Cdn.(ohsc included.)