Wayne O'Connor


Cranium Divine “Vintage Reproductions” Guitars


Wayne's "Cranium Divine" electric/acoustic and bass guitars are a fine example of design, quality craftsmanship and outstanding performance. His original designs are inspired by classic American Gibsons, Martins, Fenders, and Nationals. His attention to detail and demand for performance is in part a reflection of his 40+ years as a professional musician.


Current tooling is available for the following Models:


  • 58’-60 Les Paul Standards*
  • 53’-57’ Les Paul Goldtops*
  • 54’-57’Black Beauty’s*
  • 55’-60' TV Specials*
  • 48’-63' BroadCaster-Teles (including “F” holed Thinline)
  • 54’-73’ four bolt Strats
  • early 40’s - 51' J-45’s
  • late 50’s J-185’s
  • late 30’s D28-D-18 Dreadnaughts


(* = because of legalities these Models utilize our Original Headstock Profile)


These instruments are painfully reproduced to exact Vintage Factory dimensional specs. Including; Wood Species and Grain Selection, Hardware and Finishes. We Respectfully Pay Homage to the Original Models Character as We've come to Know and Love!!! Inquire for details.